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Lexington Clothing Co: Stars & Stripes

TJ21-Lexington-Clothing-Co-2 LEXINGTON CLOTHING CO TJ21-Lexington-Clothing-Co-1

  1.  Kevin Tee in Blue
  2. Kevin Tee in Red
  3. Orlando Flip Flop
  4. Chris Sunnies
  5. Owen Boardies

TJ21: OOTD – E. Hampton

TJ21 East Hampton It’s literally not summer unless I make it out to E. Hampton! I’m so thankful that I was able to take a little break from work and travel to have a little R&R on the east side of LI.

What I’m Wearing: 

  1. Hat – Lululemon
  2. Hoodie – Ralph Lauren
  3. Denim Shorts – (DIY) Hollister 
  4. Flip Flops – Reef  

For start.. don’t these  photos sort of look like a pop up book? (Just the way it’s edited.. idk.. lol)

One of my summer staples this year has been my denim cutoffs. In general I find it incredibly hard to shop for shorts.. I don’t know why.. but either I don’t like the fit, the length, wash and or the price.. lol So I took matters into my own hands.. found a pair of jeans that I like the fit and the wash of.. and cut them to the length I wanted and BOOM! #instashorts lol I really like how they turned out! And the actual pair of jeans only cost me $15 or €11,25!! 

Look Of The Day: A Little Slated

TJ21 LOTD A Little Slated Leon D. From Germany

Thom Browne: Cashmere Sweater

Thom Browne Cashmere Cardigan THOM BROWNE

I know that this looks like your basic typical chunky knit shawl collar cardi.. but its made out of CASHMERE!!! lol plus this cardi has the cool nautical stripes on the arm and the button details on each wrist. It’s definitely a cool/practical piece to add to the wardrobe especially in the upcoming months.

TJ21: OOTD – ST. Tropez

TJ21 LOTD St Tropez What I’m Wearing:

  1. Hat – Local Artisan in Ecuador
  2. Blazer – Armani
  3. V-Neck Shirt – Sol Angeles
  4. Shorts – Ralph Lauren
  5. Shoes – Bata
  6. Bag – Puma

I think fedoras are a classy addition to any look! I’ve always really liked the whole blazer over a  v-neck combo; It’s a a great way to step up an otherwise really casual look! I guess I’m growing up.. lol I’ve never really owned fancy dress shoes.. lol  but recently I’ve been accruing a nice little collection of them.. lol which include these bad boys from Bata. :D

Check me out on instagram! :D @thejourney21

Look Of The Day: Summer Prep

TJ21 LOTD Summer Prep Gabriel W From Germany

Sperry Top – Sider: Wave Driver

Sperry Wave Driver SPERRY

Selected Homme: Striped Henley

Selected Homme Striped Henley SELECTED HOMME

Rag & Bone: Northside Duffle Jacket

Rag & Bone Jacket RAG & BONE

Jack & Jones: Knit Shirt

Jack & Jones Nautical Stripes JACK & JONES

TJ21: OOTD – Summer Love

TJ21 OOTD Summer Love I love summer!! :D From trips to the beach during the day to the bon fires at night; summer brings on fun adventures and great times with new and old friends!

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Hippie Headband – AG (Japan)
  2. Striped Knit Hoodie – David Bitton
  3. Denim Shirt – H&M
  4. Bracelet – Marc Jacob
  5. Belt – Ralph Lauren
  6. Shorts – Abercrombie & Fitch
  7. Shoes – Prada

I like how denim jackets and denim shirts have made a huge come back! I know a lot of people might think that denim would be too heavy to wear in the hot summer months however there are different denim weights to consider. Lighter weight denim is going to be a good choice for summer and the heavier weighted denim is better suited for when it’s colder. The denim shirt I choose from H&M is extremely lightweight and I thought it looked pretty cool over the knitted striped hoodie.

The belt I really like because it’s made out of nautical rope. I liked that it was just noticeably different and I thought it went well with the overall theme of the look. The shorts are just 100% prep.. there is no way around it.. lol The mint green color is very in the moment. I thought the embroidered moose were a cool detail. And finally the shoes.. for some reason during the summer I tend to gravitate to lighter colored shoes.. I picked these boating shoes up from my trip to Florence earlier this year. I don’t believe in impulse buys.. and these were most definitely an impulse buy.. however I have no regrets lol ;)

Look Of The Day: Kelly Green

TJ21 LOTD Kelly Green R. Bongiovani From Spain

LEnchanteur: Moccasins

Lenchanteur Moccasins LENCHANTEUR

Look Of The Day: Bold & Bright

TJ21 LOTD Bold & Bright R. Bongiovani From Madrid

Look Of The Day: Nautical

LOTD Nautisk Stil Lorenzo Liverani From Italy

Classic, cool, and effortless.

Raf Simons X Fred Perry: Bright & Bold Polos

Raf Simons X Fred Simons Polos RAF SIMONS X FRED PERRY

Look Of The Day: Horizontal Stripes

TJ21 LOTD Horizontal StripesDrinceanu Vlad From Romania

My favorite piece in this look is the horizontal striped dress shirt. For some odd reason.. Red + white stripe shirts in my mind somehow always make me think of summer.. lol Overall this look is classic. The blue cardigan layered over the dress shirt creates that extra element of visual interest but also serves a purpose on a practical level. The hairstyle works incredibly well with this look!

Selected Homme: Elliot Shirt

Selected Homme Horizontal Stripes SELECTED HOMME

Hackett London: SS 2013 – Lookbook

Hackett London SS2013 Lookbook 1 Hackett London SS 2013 Lookbook 2 HACKETT LONDON


Look Of The Day: Nantucket

LOTD Nantucket

Look Of The Day: Perfect Date

LOTD Perfect Date [Photo Source]

Ralph Lauren: Ad Campaign – SS 2013

Ralph Lauren SS2013 Campaign Ralph Lauren’s marketing team CONSISTENTLY puts out phenomenal campaigns that impeccably embody the image of their brand. They know exactly  who they are and what type of lifestyle that they are selling. From the models they choose to the way the looks are styled; all the above portrays the luxurious “All American” spirit that is RL.

Look Of The Day: Light Wash

LOTD Light Wash [Photo Source]

Look Of The Day: A Walk On The Preppy Side

LOTD A Walk On The Preppy Side [Photo Source]


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