Your Guide to Boots

Here is a quick mini-guide to guy boots.

The North Face is a classic Brand for tackling the great outdoors. I’m not sure these boots in particular were meant for winter but they can definitely be used for hiking trails in the fall.

Sorel boots are pretty legit when it comes to helping you weather the elements of winter. They are actually quite nice to help keep your feet warm when your out shoveling the driveway.

Canadians are immaculate when it comes to quality and Kamik Canada and  their line of winter boots are no exception.

UGG Australia

As the story goes these “classic short” styled boots where used by surfers to warm their feet after a long day of surf.

*True Story*

I love to swim and I love to surf. After swimming, or surfing you know when the weather gets a little colder and your tired but relaxed these boots really are the best.

Hunter is famous for their Welly Boots.

Take Hunter and fuse it with Kamik you get Epic.


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