TJ21: My Closet – Bar |||

TJ21 MC Bar 3I tend to travel a little bit.. *nervous laughter*.. ok I tend to travel a lot.. but what’s cool about traveling from a “style perspective” is that you are exposed to brands and trends that you would probably never get to see if you never left your hometown. I really enjoy discovering new labels and getting inspired by “street style.”

 The Bar III label is owned by Macy’s. From my experience.. the majority of department store owned brands that design for a male demographic (regardless of price point) tend to design very generic pieces that are what I would describe as “meh.” What I like about Bar III  is that it seems to take inspiration from various organic trends. I honestly haven’t had a chance to fully discover the entire collection.. but from what I saw they had pieces that were just noticeably different.. in a good way.  Kind of like this pullover 😀  It has the raw cut “v” in the neck and then the drawstring detail which you would normally only find on the hood of a hoodie.  The icing on the cake.. was that I only paid around $8 (€6) for this pullover!!  You got to love the end of season sales. 😀


2 thoughts on “TJ21: My Closet – Bar |||

  1. DatsMaStyle April 22, 2013 / 4:02 pm

    I love that pullover. Looks comfy and great for the season.

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