TJ21: Long Boarding On The Lake

TJ21 Long Boarding On The Lake When I was younger I really couldn’t decide which season was my absolute favorite.. and while I still enjoy each one.. I’ve finally been able to narrow it down to two.. haha which is an improvement from before.. lol 🙂 I’ve come to find that I really look forward to spring time and fall. I guess I kind of like the feeling of change.. it kind of gives me a sense of adventure..

One of the brill things that comes with the warmer weather is being able to go out on the lake and long board! I ended up going a few days ago. The weather was 100% amazing! I legit could not have asked for a better day!!

*Story Time*

(Annotating photos left to right)

  1. Finding a parking spot next to a sweet old school ride. You know it’s going to be a great day!! lol
  2.  A picture of the park next to the lake. It’s really nice and well maintained.
  3. A scenery shot of the dock.
  4. I can’t emphasize enough how perfect of a day it was!
  5. Busting out the long boards!! (I’m the one with the red shoes)
  6. The scenery while boarding around the lake.
  7. A dude paddle boarding with his pet duck.. I named the duck Henry..
  8. The boat garage.
  9. We decided to stop in at the Sweetwater Cafe to get ice cream!!! (best day ever!! lol)
  10. It’s a pretty swanky place 🙂
  11. Parking the boards
  12. Success! I ended up ordering two scoops. one scoop of mint chocolate chip and the second scoop of Texas… something I can’t remember the name.. but it involved vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls and mini chocolate peanut butter cups. The ice cream of champions!!

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