Maui & Sons: Campaign – Summer 2013

Maui And Sons Summer 2013 0Maui And Sons Summer 2013 1MAUI & SONS

The best way to describe Maui and Sons is BOLD. They use bold prints bright colors in pretty much all there designs. It was because of their stand out designs and bright colors that I first discovered them a couple years ago. Their logo at first glance might be seem a touch off.. but it’s a cookie.. and there is a story behind it.

Back in the day (1980 to be exact) three surfers from SOCAL came together to start a cookie company named Maui’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. This venture shortly died after they burned their first batch of cookies.. This however turned out to be a blessing in disguise when these three fellas turned their efforts from backing into designing fashion for surfers which became a huge success! And it all started from a cookie!! 😀


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