TJ21: OOTD – Summer Love

TJ21 OOTD Summer Love I love summer!! 😀 From trips to the beach during the day to the bon fires at night; summer brings on fun adventures and great times with new and old friends!

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Hippie Headband – AG (Japan)
  2. Striped Knit Hoodie – David Bitton
  3. Denim Shirt – H&M
  4. Bracelet – Marc Jacob
  5. Belt – Ralph Lauren
  6. Shorts – Abercrombie & Fitch
  7. Shoes – Prada

I like how denim jackets and denim shirts have made a huge come back! I know a lot of people might think that denim would be too heavy to wear in the hot summer months however there are different denim weights to consider. Lighter weight denim is going to be a good choice for summer and the heavier weighted denim is better suited for when it’s colder. The denim shirt I choose from H&M is extremely lightweight and I thought it looked pretty cool over the knitted striped hoodie.

The belt I really like because it’s made out of nautical rope. I liked that it was just noticeably different and I thought it went well with the overall theme of the look. The shorts are just 100% prep.. there is no way around it.. lol The mint green color is very in the moment. I thought the embroidered moose were a cool detail. And finally the shoes.. for some reason during the summer I tend to gravitate to lighter colored shoes.. I picked these boating shoes up from my trip to Florence earlier this year. I don’t believe in impulse buys.. and these were most definitely an impulse buy.. however I have no regrets lol 😉


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