TJ21: Cartier Cologne – Declaration D’un Soir (Review)

TJ21 Birchbox PackageThe first product that I will be reviewing from my Birchbox order is the Cartier, Declaration D’un Soir cologne. The name of the cologne translates to “declaration of the night” and is supposed to be the night version of the original Declaration cologne from Cartier. Since I was such a huge fan of the original Declaration I figured I would try out this spin off. I actually really like it! You can definitely smell some of the similar notes between this and the original; however.. is it a night time cologne?.. Personally this is something that I would wear/do wear during the day as opposed to the night. Chanel Bleu in my opinion is more of a night time fragrance then Cartier’s Declaration D’un Soir. But having said that I do think that this fragrance is awesome for the fall/winter season.
TJ21 Cartier CologneTop Notes: 

  1. Caraway
  2. Cardamom
  3. Black Pepper

Middle Notes:

  1. Rose
  2. Nutmeg

Base Note:

  1. Sandalwood

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