TJ21: Personal Stylist – Tiger Of Sweden


 Keep warm and classy this fall! As with any outfit I put together I always like to have what I call the “JND factor.” What is this JND factor.. you may ask? lol  JND simply stands for “just noticeably different.” What you wear says something about you whether you are cognitive of this fact or not.  With people judging you based  solely on your appearance alone within seconds of meeting you why wouldn’t you want to say something positive about yourself?

A way to create a look with the JND factor is by playing with color, pattern, texture, and or shine. Just like with this look created by pieces from the A/W 2013 Tiger of Sweden collection. You have shine in the shoes, pattern in the shirt, and texture in the jacket. All of these elements work in harmony to create a coherent look.

Items Featured:

  1. Sharpe Fur Blazer
  2. Richie Cotton Shirt
  3. Pistolero Jeans
  4. Paul Tuxedo Shoes


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