Tom Ford: New Men’s Grooming Line

TJ21 Tom Ford Grooming I’ve always been a fan of Tom Ford’s cologne and men’s collection. I think he does a phenomenal job in catering to the modern day gentleman. The launch of this new men’s skincare and grooming products line is pretty exciting considering there aren’t a lot of brands that have a line devoted to men.

I did find it interesting that within the line there aren’t any products that have to do with shaving.. (shaving cream, after shave, etc.) but I guess it makes sense considering that niche market has been filled to the brim already.

What I really like about the Tom Ford men’s grooming line at first glance is the that the packaging is very masculine. I also like  that the products in the line target a range of key areas in men’s grooming both traditional (facial cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) as well as a few non-traditional areas(bronzer, concealer, etc.). It’s definitely worth taking a look because if this line is congruent with the pre-existing legacy of quality and immaculate craftsmanship found already in the rest of the Tom Ford label this line should be sublime.



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