TJ21: ASOS – Holiday Collection Review

TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection I recently got to preview a selection of the ASOS 2013 Holiday Collection!! I love how ASOS never takes fashion all too seriously.  I also really appreciate the fact that their clothes are very affordable or as I like to say perfect for the “college kid budget” lol.

Under the ASOS label there are two lines that specifically caught my attention; the “Black” label and the “Crafted In” label. TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection 2


The “Black” label gives off an urban/athletic/edgy vibe. Although everything in the collection consists of being red and or black.. the styles within the line are pretty diverse. There are certain pieces that are very edgy which is perfect for a guy looking to stand out, and then there are other pieces in the collection that are just noticeably different that can blend in seamlessly with the average man’s wardrobe. I also liked the fact that when ASOS designed this collection they took into account that most men (when they aren’t on holiday lol) wear black.

TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection 3 CRAFTED IN

I really love the idea behind the “Crafted In” line. Basically ASOS literally searched the globe to find regions that specialize in a certain craft. For exampled they have selvedge denim made in Japan, sweaters knit in the British Isles and suits made in Italy.

I have a strong affinity towards quality made products. I’m really stoked to see that various regions are being recognized/supported for their skills/trades. As I mentioned earlier ASOS does a great job with keeping their collections on the affordable side. While “Crafted In” is a touch more expensive than all of the other ASOS lines it’s still significantly cheaper than various other labels out on the market. Viewing the collection I really liked what I saw; however in the future I hope that ASOS develops this line further. I hope that they will keep adding more countries as well as more styles to choose from in the collection.


2 thoughts on “TJ21: ASOS – Holiday Collection Review

  1. Jeni December 6, 2013 / 6:08 am

    I’d like to see how both lines can be incorporated into one style. Oh! Don’t forget those panther undies.

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