TJ21: Top 10 Stocking Stuffers – For Him

TJ21 Christmas 1We are on the official countdown to Christmas!! I knew that this year I wanted to do some sort of a gift guide post that was somewhat creative.. so here we are! I’ve compiled a top ten list of the most useful stocking stuffers for a guy based on gifts that I’ve actually received. 😀  Let’s begin!

TJ21 Chistmas Guide 1

  1. Clubman’s Nick Relief – A great product for guys who shave with a blade and periodically nick themselves in the process. This balm actually helps stop the bleeding faster and it’s only $3.99! If you are ordering this product online I would highly recommend going to the Classic Shaving site.
  2. Birchbox Shoe Horn – Ok so I knew about shoe horns.. I never really thought about investing in one.. but now that I have one I don’t know how I lived without it.. Shoe horns are probably one of the most underrated items out there for men.  This specific shoe horn is from Birchbox.
  3. Lip Balm – During the winter months I legit can’t live without a lip balm. These are my top three picks: Lucky TigerJack Black, and Say Yes To Cucumbers. They are all incredibly hydrating and they are all infused with mint which gives you a fresh tingly feeling. You can find all these lip balms at Birchbox.
  4. Chanel Bleu de Chanel Cologne – One of my all time favorite fragrances.
  5. A Gift Card to Starbucks – Even if you’re not a coffee drinker there are plenty of other goodies at Starbucks to enjoy!!TJ21 Chistmas Guide 2
  6. Ear Buds – For some reason I’ve been cursed.. I can’t hold on to a pair of headphones for more then 6 months.. they somehow manage to either break.. or I loose them.. I like the ear buds from Skull Candy. The sound is good and they aren’t too expensive.
  7. A Nail Kit –  This is really quite the practical gift. It’s something that really does come in handy.
  8. Shaving Equipment – Shaving is truly an art and when done well you feel like a million bucks. I’ve recently gotten into it and It’s opened a whole new world for me!
  9. A Phone Case – You can either go the utilitarian route and choose something that will make their phone indestructible or choose something fun like this Perry the platypus case..
  10. Lastly hair pomade – It’s always fun to change up your look from time to time. I recommend Hanz de Fuko products. 😀

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