DSQUARED2: Runway Show – SS2014

TJ21 Dsquared SS2014 1 Here are some of the highlights from the runway show. Overall I think DSQUARED2 did an incredible job. The styling of each look was spot on and the actual set was brilliant. I thought the premise/theme for the show was really quite creative. Here’s the synopsis:

“Crash-landed and washed up. Returning war heroes with that innocence of youthful rebellion, reminiscent of 1950’s boy stars, have taken a wrong turn, disappear from radars and now find themselves in an island paradise: golden sands, a dazzling sun, a lush tropical forest make the perfect backdrop for all Earthly Delights. There’s the scent of a tropical adventure, an exciting mix of amplified characters, the contradiction of tribal and formal, the necessity to improvise, and the raw physicality of sweltering hot men on a mission.” 


TJ21 Dsquared SS2014 2 TJ21 Dsquared SS2014 3


One thought on “DSQUARED2: Runway Show – SS2014

  1. benjaminsaccaggi February 4, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    Great use of the ‘dork’ glasses with a more laid-back look. The wicker print trousers are too much though…

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