TJ21: What’s In My Closet?

TJ21 WIMC DG 1I just got a pair of sunnies from Dolce & Gabbana. 😀TJ21 WIMC DG 2 Pictured above.. is what came with the sunglasses. The case is very sporty and has a zipper closure. The sunglasses also came with authenticity papers, a lens wipe and I honestly don’t know the technical name for it.. but that thing that holds your glasses when you play sports so that they don’t fall and break.. TJ21 WIMC DG 3When it comes to shades.. I’m partial to anything in the aviator family. I also, 98% of the time will gravitate towards gradient lenses. I normally don’t like noticeable brand markings.. but I actually don’t mind the “Dolce & Gabbana” metal detail on the side of the glasses. What initially drew me to these sunnies was the blue frames. I think it’s a pretty cool/fresh look.


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