TJ21: My Trip To Rudsak

TJ21 My Trip To Rudsak 1 RUDSAK

 So I’m back in Canada visiting local designers and checking out their showrooms. While watching runway shows is fun it’s a whole other experience to drop by a showroom and see the collection first hand and be able to try on some of the pieces.

 One of my favorite Canadian brands is Rudsak. While they are known for their leather goods their jackets always impress me. The triple combination of quality, fit, and great style come together for a never failing combination. Although my main purpose was to check out the spring/summer collection.. They had a few parkas.. and.. they might have had my size.. and you know one thing led to another.. and.. TJ21 My Trip To Rudsak 2How ace is this jacket?! Now I’ll be honest It wasn’t my first pick and when I first saw it on the hanger I didn’t think it would look good on me.. but after trying it on I quite like it. I guess it goes to show you that you never know until you try.  Rudsak definitely took care of me and I left with a lot of merch which I’ll be unveiling shortly on the blog.

The only downside to Rudsak is that if you don’t live near one of their stores.. or in Canada for that matter.. you can only admire their products from afar.. because sadly as of now.. they don’t ship internationally.. 😦


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