TJ21: Mon Déjeuner – Le Cartet

TJ21 Le Cartet 1One of the things I look forward to the most when I go to Montréal Canada has to be the food. There are so many great options and the majority of the restaurants and cafes here are pretty health conscious.

Le Cartet is an amazing cafe here in Montréal that is infamous for their brunch. In the front of the cafe it’s almost like a mini-mart which is wicked nice/convenient if you’re in a rush and you need something quick to-go.

TJ21 Le Cartet 2 The place itself is bright and open they also have cafeteria style seating which is nice if you are coming in with a large group of people.TJ21 Le Cartet 3

I ordered a berry smoothie, a pulled pork sandwich and a cup of beet soup. The portion was perfect and the food hit the spot especially the soup. TJ21 Le Cartet 4 Dessert was equally good. The dessert on the left is tiramisu served in a glass jar and on your right side is the pecan pie.


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