Highlights: Saturdays Surf NYC – SS2014

TJ21+saturdays+surf+nyc+spring+summer+2014 SATURDAYS SURF NYC

There are numerous amounts of “surf” brands out on the market. The majority of these brands are based in California and or take their inspiration from  the surf culture there. What sets apart Saturdays Surf NYC from these other brands is that they represent the surf culture of NYC.

Surfing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind if you where to describe the Big Apple. But there are definitely some choice spots to surf not too far from the city limits. Saturdays Surf NYC does a phenomenal job of blending this seemingly incongruent notion.

While most surf labels are know for choosing the brightest neon colors and wildest patterns Saturdays Surf NYC keeps it conservative, classy and toned down; very much in keeping with the NYC culture.

Featured Items:

  1. Nathan – Rain Parka
  2. Ditch Classic NYC Logo Hoodie
  3. Austin Short – Sweat Shorts
  4. NY Stack – Logo Tee

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