Robinson Les Bains – SS2014

TJ21-Robinson-Les-Bains-Board-Shorts-1 ROBINSON LES BAINS

 I am totally loving the new SS14 collection from Robinson Les Bains. This French label is known for their incredible selection of swimwear for men. Their line literally looks like it was inspired by/made for socialites around the globe. Their swimwear is smart looking and honestly looks expensive and high end.

I feel that currently there is a massive gap in the mens swimwear market. You have the sport/surf  brands that mostly cater to a younger more youthful crowd and then you have what seems like a couple brands that create and design somewhat stylish.. swimwear for men.. who have.. families.. enough said.. lol  Now if you don’t happen to like the current collections available or these limited label’s swimwear don’t really suit your body type.. you’re pretty much stuck wearing your favorite lax shorts to the beach.. haha it happens.. *flashback to last summer*

There really is a lack of detail paid to mens swimwear especially in the way that boardies are cut. I honestly can’t believe that it’s a relatively recent thing that a few surfing brands have finally introduced boardies made with stretch fabric. It seems like it would be the obvious thing to do.. two major benefits to using stretch fabric a. it’s more comfortable when your fabric moves with you; especially when you are engaged in athletic activities involving water and b. on a superficial note your swimwear is going to be (typically) more flattering.

All this to say.. That RLB is one of the few brands out there that is filling the gap. TJ21-Robinson-Les-Bains-Board-Shorts-2Oxford Long Boardies in Grement Blue
TJ21-Robinson-Les-Bains-Board-Shorts-3 Nice Psyche Multi Blue Tee


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