TJ21: Lust LTD – Review


Lust LTD is a relatively new brand out on the market that specializes in mens accessories. Their designs are sleek and minimalistic.. the twist however is that 99% of their collection is made 100% of silicon. I had initially seen some guys wearing bracelets from Lust LTD on Instagram.. and I just assumed that they were made out of some sort of metal.. so I was pretty shocked/intrigued to find out that it’s actually silicon. For those unfamiliar with silicon.. the best way that I can describe it.. is that it’s essentially the same material that the “awareness” bracelets are made from (ex. Livestrong).

The box that the jewelry comes in is a pretty sweet design. It’s a matte black box with the Lust LTD logo printed in glossy black ink.
TJ21-Lust-LTD-2Once you open the box you’ll find your bracelets in a protective resealable plastic bag. The nice thing about these bracelets is that you can order them in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Keep in mind that the sizes that are available are contingent on the model of bracelet you choose. The two bracelets I received are the following:

Ball Bracelet

Lust LTD Band

Both bracelets I got in a medium which measures 7.5 inches or about 20 cm which fit me perfectly and I honestly feel that my wrists are pretty average in size.
TJ21-Lust-LTD-3 First thing I will say is that when you remove the silicon jewelry from the plastic bags they are going to smell. It’s simply the nature of the material being used. It’s like Hunter wellies.. over time the natural rubber used in the wellies develops a white film and literally all you have to do to remove the white film is to buff it with the Hunter treated sponge. With these bracelets I just recommend that you let them air out before wearing them. The Lust LTD band took just an hour before it was good to go. The ball bracelet took more time to air out and thats simply because it utilizes more silicon in its construction. TJ21-Lust-LTD-4 When on.. they are incredibly comfortable to wear. I’ve worn them individually as well as together. The nice thing about them is that they are very low maintenance. I think these bracelets are perfect if you want to add a little more style to your look especially if your going back to school this fall and want something extra that looks killer but won’t kill your bank account. lol 😉  The next bracelet on my radar from Lust LTD is the Nail Bracelet. 😀TJ21-Lust-LTD-5 It’s such a cool design and it’s definitely not something you see all the time everyday.  I’m pretty sure I need to order this.. lol


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