TJ21: Back in The Showroom – ASOS F/W 2014

TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-1 ASOS

Fall is here and it’s time to layer/bundle up! And.. even though I’m bummed to see summer go.. I’m pretty stoked about fall! And let’s be honest I’m all about the pumpkin flavored beverages that come with this time of year! 😀

ASOS literally has the largest selection of menswear that I know of. Plus their prices won’t have you choosing between buying compromising your style or buying food/textbooks. #thestruggleisrealTJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-2The casual wear collection has a very vintage, collegiate, athletic vibe to it. These pieces are incredibly easy to mix and match. TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-3 ASOS has a collection of classic, tailored, office appropriate suits. However they also LOVE to incorporate the latest trends into their collections. So you’ll find matching bold prints that come in a set (ex. in a shirt, blazer, tie, and trouser combination). Also the jogger trend is huge and they’ve transposed it to suit pant trousers (which can be seen on the above, bottom left hand side photo) . TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-4Last but not least we have a collection consisting of tweed pieces! Tweed is a great textile for the colder months and a great option for layering as well.


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