TJ21: OOTD – Blue Vibes

TJ21-OOTD-Canada-Goose-1 Look who came today to join me while I was shooting my OOTD! Toby decided he wanted to be apart of my look! 😀 lol

I’m really enjoying the Canada Goose Branta Roxton Jacket. It’s incredibly lightweight but definitely keeps you warm. I wouldn’t advise that you wear this jacket when it’s below freezing… it’s more of a “cold fall day type of jacket.” It’s on the more fitted size so I would go up a size from what you normally wear especially if you want to layer this jacket with a hoodie or thicker sweater for extra warmth. The color that I got this jacket in was the “spirit” color.

Cheap Monday just recently came out with their “spray on denim.” If you like skinny jeans you’ll absolutely love these. They are extremely form fitting and made out of significantly lightweight stretch denim; so basically I wouldn’t recommend these for when it’s extremely cold outside. A feature of these jeans (which could be seen as a pro or con) is that there are no front pockets. There is stitching that looks like pockets but there are no actual pockets. The con with this is that you have nowhere to store snacks.. or money lol the pro part of this is that if you don’t care about the extra cargo space.. these are probably the most form fitting non bulky comfortable skinny jeans that you can purchase at the minute. Keep in mind that these are made to sit quite low on the waist. Mine are in a size 30/32

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Hat – Lululemon
  2. Jacket – Canada Goose Branta Roxton Jacket
  3. Flannel Shirt – Lucky Brand
  4. Denim – Cheap Monday Spray On Denim 
  5. Boots – FRYE

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