TJ21: Exuma – Part 3

TJ21-Exuma-Part-3 My time here in Exuma has been really fun! The resort is well kept and is literally the sort of place you see in magazines. The nice thing about staying at a Sandals is that all your motorized and non-motorized sports are included with your stay.

I’ve literally taken heaps of photos and I’m trying not to bore you with too many of them. lol In my next post I’ll show you pictures of my room and include a few more shots of the actual resort.

Also.. just in case anyone is wondering what I’m wearing in the top photo/what my shirt reads.. The hat of course is pretty much my go-to baseball cap (that I basically wear all the time) is by Lululemon, the sunnies are by Prada, and the tee is by Maison Kitsune. The print is written in French and reads “Je suis alle au college Kitsune.” This translates to “I went to highschool at Kitsune.”



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