TJ21: Criminal Damage Tower High Tops- Review

I recently discovered Criminal Damage which is a brand that is based out of East London. I immediately fell in love with the brands’ aesthetic which I would describe as very fun/young/urban.

When I saw these “Tower” high-tops I knew I definitely needed to pick them up.


This is the box that the shoes come in. Overall a pretty clean design; It’s kind of hard to make out in the photo.. but they used a  reflective silver metallic paint for the print.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these trainers came with a dustbag. The fabric that the dustbag is made out of is a  lightweight synthetic blend and bears the same print as the box lid but instead of the metallic color they used a matte white.


The shoes have heaps of details. The closer you look at them the more details you see. There are three different textured fabrics that were used in the construction of these shoes. Also note that these trainers are made out of synthetic leather. The contrasting black band that goes across the middle of the shoe has the words “Criminal Damage” marked on it; which I thought was a really cool touch. Lastly you can see the Fleur de Lis imprinted on the shoes tongue.


The price point of these shoes not including taxes or shipping costs comes to £85.00 / $131.60 (on the Criminal Damage site) or you can find them on ASOS for £93.70 / $145.00. Keep in mind if you are living in the UK it’s cheaper to purchase these shoes from the Criminal Damage site because they offer free shipping within the UK on all orders over £50. If you are in America I would probably recommend getting this shoes from ASOS. They offer free shipping to the states on orders over $40. Plus they offer free returns so just in case things don’t work out it’s pretty hassle free to make a return.

Buy Them on ASOS

Buy Them on Criminal Damage

The Break Down:

While these shoes are not super expensive they are by no means cheap. The details featured on these shoes are tasteful and definitely not over the top.  The unexpected bonus dust bag was a great touch as well.

However.. for the price point.. my main and probably only critique for these high tops are that I wish that they used real leather for their construction. I’m just not 100% confident on the durability of the imitation leather that they used and these are definitely a pair of shoes that I hope to have for a long time.


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