TJ21: Dsquared2 – Satellite High Tops

I recently bought a pair of DSQUARED2’s Satellite hightop sneakers. These shoes are a re-occurring style in the DSQUARED2 collection. Each season they introduce them in a new color scheme. Also these sneakers are my very first pair of DSQUARED2 hightops; so I was pretty stoked to add them to my collection.TJ21-dsquared2-sneakers-hightops-satellite-1

The shoebox is pretty simple/minimalistic which I really like.


These shoes did come along with a dustbag for storage/travel.


I absolutely love the color of these hightops; it’s such a bold choice of blue. These sneakers are made in Italy and they are made out of goat leather. Usually shoes (and pretty much any other accessory/clothing item) that are constructed out of a leather.. are made from cowhide. The main differences between the two leathers are that goat leather is more durable than cowhide and is generally a lighter weighted leather.


DSQUARED2 is a Canadian label and they often incorporate the maple leaf into their designs. The soles of these shoes are slightly angled in the front so that when you walk it’s more comfortable/ergonomic.

Overall Thoughts:

I have been able to do a significant amount of walking in these shoes since purchasing them. The first couple of times when I wore them they were a bit snug around the front part (toe vamp) of the shoe. However the leather did stretch out so now it’s not a problem. The gold “DSQUARED2” hot stamped on the insoles rubbed off completely within the first couple days of wearing them. Aside from these extremely minor issues these have been one of my favorite pairs of trainers to wear this summer.


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