Red Carpet Ready


Award season is right around the corner and pretty soon we will be fixated on our favorite A-listers who will be dressed to the nine at the Grammys/Oscars. These events are always a great way of getting inspiration for those times plebeians, like myself have to step it up for formal events. 😉

I had the opportunity to chat with my friends over at to bring you some additional red carpet ready inspiration. The Black Tux offers an awesome service for guys who don’t need to own a tux or specialty suit; however are required from time to time to dress up. Instead of paying beaucoup amounts of money for an expensive tux that you wear once every 5+ years you can rent one from the comfort of your own home. By renting a suit I mean you can rent absolutely everything from the matching pants and blazer all the way to the shoes and cufflinks. You can rent as an individual or you can register as a wedding party. The Black Tux has broken the process down into four super easy steps: select your style, measure, try it on, and return.

When planning what to wear to a formal event I always break it down into three options; classic, just noticeably different, and the spicy wild card.

Option 1: Classic 


While this classic style tuxedo has many incarnations the basic idea is that it’s black, simple and has the contrasting satin fabric on both the blazer as well as the pants. This specific suit (pictured above) is the Marseille tuxedo by Gucci. What they did differently; which I am a fan of is that instead of making the entire exposed collar on the blazer satin they only put satin on the parts below the neck. The “classic suit” is a great option for someone who want’s to dress up but doesn’t want to stand out. This suit is timeless and can be worn to virtually all formal events.

Option 2: Just Noticeably Different


The “just noticeably different suit” takes inspiration from the “classic suit.” The main difference being that instead of black it’s done in an alternative muted color. Most people opt for the navy blue option, however to switch things up a little and to show you all another viable selection I chose a Dsquared2 suit in a burgundy fabric with a hint of sheen to it. The “just noticeably different suit” is the perfect option for someone who is bored with wearing black to every formal event and needs a little variety in their lives. It shows that you aren’t necessarily cookie cutter, and you definitely have a sense of style. This option is also great because it does not draw excessive amounts of attention to the wearer.

Option 3: Spicy Wild Card


Just as it sounds.. the “spicy wild card” is a bold choice. This suit has all the base elements for a formal suit. What gives that wasabi kick to it are the following elements: color, pattern, texture and shine. All these items give the suit visual interest and depending on how vibrant the color, pattern, texture, and shine is will determine how ostentatious the suit will be. The suit I chose as an example is from Dolce & Gabbana. What makes this suit stand out is the fabric’s sheen, and the embroidered geometric pattern. While I don’t think this is the boldest option out there; it’s still going to garner heaps of attention especially when juxtaposed with a “classic suit.” The “spicy wild card” is best suited for someone who wants to make a statement and take their rightful place centerstage. Someone who believes that life is too short to not take risks and isn’t afraid of becoming a style icon.

No matter which suit you choose to wear to your next formal event keep in mind that the most important factor is tailoring/fit.


2 thoughts on “Red Carpet Ready

  1. OuiStyle February 9, 2016 / 5:39 am

    Great post! My favorite’s option 2

    • thejourney21 February 9, 2016 / 9:07 pm

      Thanks! Option two is a nice balance between the three options for sure. 😀

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