Buscemi 100mm: Review



I don’t know what it is.. but within the last couple of years I have developed this awkward obsession with high top sneakers. Needless to say when I first saw the iconic Buscemi 100mm shoe I was done… I knew that I needed to add these puppies to my collection.

Buscemi is an extremely new luxury brand; having just launched its first collection in 2013.   Whenever a brand is new.. I’m always a little bit leery.. especially when the price point is high. I was also a little concerned since I had heard that Buscemi recently changed manufacturers and they were experiencing various issues with their keys/padlocks breaking. Taking this into consideration I ended up buying my Buscemi’s from a Neiman Marcus in Atlanta (while I was traveling). When I got home I tested the key and padlock on each shoe… sure enough one of the keys broke. TJ21-buscemi-100mm-review-white-hightops-2.jpg

As you can see the top key is the one that broke and the bottom key is the one that is still intact. To be really honest.. I understand the padlock on these shoes are just for show but these keys are kind of a joke.. especially given the price point of this label. On a side note.. I am not a fan of how the ends of the leather pieces that hold each key were finished. You can see the frayed parts of the thread just hanging out all over the place.. again for what you pay I would expect the product to be more polished.

I immediately contacted Buscemi’s customer service about the broken key. It took them a couple days to get back to me. They didn’t have any white padlocks/keys in inventory so they ended up sending me a replacement pair in gold.


I put both padlocks and keys from each set next to each other so you can compare and contrast between the two. The new padlock and key set are 100 times better then what my shoes originally came with. Even though I really loved the white on white on white look lol.. I will say that having the padlock in gold really makes them stand out.


If you are considering purchasing a pair of Buscemi’s I would definitely still recommend them. The incident with the faulty padlocks/keys in my opinion was one of those extemporaneous situations and I don’t believe that it was purposeful negligence on Buscemi’s side of things. Sometimes these things happen especially when a company is new and is growing/expanding. What’s important to me is that their customer service handled the situation well by quickly and professionally resolving it. Also it appears as though they are consistently looking for ways to improve the quality/design of their shoes… but only time will truly tell.

With any purchase (especially on those luxury products with a higher price tag..) I would always advise reading multiple reviews so you can know what too expect and find out if there are any major issues worth noting before taking the plunge and purchasing the product. Also always look over clothes, shoes, or accessories before buying them to make sure that there are no no visible flaws.



This is what the shoes looked like when I first bought them with the white padlocks. TJ21-buscemi-100mm-review-white-hightops-5.jpg

The dust bag is made out of a stiff cotton linen material and has “Buscemi” embossed in gold on the front of the bag.  TJ21-buscemi-100mm-review-white-hightops-6.jpgTJ21-buscemi-100mm-review-white-hightops-7.jpgTJ21-buscemi-100mm-review-white-hightops-8.jpg

Lastly the above photo shows what the shoes look like with the new gold padlocks.


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