Bally of Switzerland: A/W 2011-2012

Bally of Switzerland is great if you love luxury quality goods but don’t wan’t logos everywhere. Their products are well crafted, simple and classic.




Tropical, Exotic, with a hint of Vintage: Furla SS 2011

I know personally when I think of Furla I think of women’s handbags/travel gear. I didn’t know that they actually had anything for guys. Well apparently they do and from what I’ve seen it’s not half bad. I will caution you though, the website is sort of confusing and I still don’t know where I can find/purchase their stuff (online that is).. however if you are looking for women’s bags etc. that is ready for business on their site.

It’s interesting because these bags are awfully reminiscent of the stuff that Prada puts out. Even the way that the name is printed is very much in “Prada Style.”