Franklin Marshall A/W 2011 Catalogue



You Tell Me: High Waisted Shorts for Women.. Yay or Nay?

First we have Rachel Bilson..

Next we have Smiley Miley…

And then Miss Hudgens.. 

And lets not forget one of the pioneers in bringing this trend back.. Mischa Barton..

Now based on the above photo.. should we be trusting her fashion sense… I think not.. 

Ok.. sometimes she can look all right.. lol but nevertheless are you guys a fan of this trend? I’m all for having fun with your look but this is sort of self-sabotaging.. Its kind of like shooting yourself in the foot… I don’t think this trend  looks good on anybody..

Why Do Kids Insist on Wearing Duct Tape To Prom?

I understand that there is some talent involved when putting together a duct tape ensemble.. but why? Duct tape isn’t breathable.. which means that when you are dancing your little heart out you’re bound to sweat more than usual.. which isn’t really attractive.. and  why are  you wearing it to a formal event? I don’t understand.. I know times are tough.. but there are definitely some better alternatives.. for more duct tape prom getups or other bad prom outfits check out the blog below:


Tropical, Exotic, with a hint of Vintage: Furla SS 2011

I know personally when I think of Furla I think of women’s handbags/travel gear. I didn’t know that they actually had anything for guys. Well apparently they do and from what I’ve seen it’s not half bad. I will caution you though, the website is sort of confusing and I still don’t know where I can find/purchase their stuff (online that is).. however if you are looking for women’s bags etc. that is ready for business on their site.

It’s interesting because these bags are awfully reminiscent of the stuff that Prada puts out. Even the way that the name is printed is very much in “Prada Style.”


Franklin Marshall

Named after one of the oldest established colleges in Pennsylvania (established in 1787) the clothing label Franklin Marshall was created in 1999 by two bright entrepreneurs; Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero. The anthem for their line is the word “vintage” which comes from the French phrase “L’age du vin” which translates into the vintage of a wine. For F&M this relates to everyone’s quest to find clothing that represents their own unique identity. F&M’s quest is to create/design clothing that is as symbolic as a vintage hoodie or t-shirt that represents a memory in one’s life that only gets better with time; just like a a good wine.

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