TJ21: What’s In My Closet – Alexander McQueen

TJ21 Alexander McQueen 1For the longest time I’ve been looking for an awesome pair of smoking slippers.. and I finally found a pair from Alexander McQueen that far surpasses what I even imagined that I wanted. They look a bit dark.. almost black but they are in fact navy which I really quite like!TJ21 Alexander McQueen 2


TJ21: UGG Australia – Boots / UGG Customer Service Review

TJ21 Ugg Australia

*True Story*

So I bought a pair of heavy duty UGG boots to take on my European excursion last winter.. lol I didn’t want to take  a ton of shoes on that trip.. I just wanted something I could wear everywhere, that would keep me warm and be really comfortable to walk extended periods of time in. The boots I chose seemed perfect since they were made for cold temperatures and they were 100% waterproof.. long story short.. My first stop in Europe was Amsterdam. I got there in the morning and I had the better part of the day to go exploring! Well while I was out at night it rained.. and my boots LEAKED!!!! which obviously led to a not so comfortable situation.. I was pretty shocked because I have a pretty long history with purchasing products from UGG and I’ve never had an issue before with a defective pair of boots.. When I got back home I called customer service and found out that my boots have a one year warranty so if they are in fact defective they will replace them or I can exchange them for another pair. So I waited till now to exchange them so that I could sift through the new f/w collection. Which I’m glad I did because I  finally found these puppies!!

TJ21 UGG Australia 2These boots are the Huntley model. They come in a solid black as well.. but I ended up choosing the cognac and military green version. On the site, the picture they have of these boots don’t really capture that the cognac color has a starburst affect (I’ll leave the link to these boots at the end of this post).. which I actually really like and I was pleasantly surprised to see. Another cool surprise was that they sent these boots with an extra pair of laces in a contrasting red color! .. I know.. little things excite me.. lol

I was extremely happy with the customer service at UGG. It was exceptionally easy to exchange the defective pair of boots and the whole process took less then two weeks (from the time I shipped the boots back, to the time I received the new pair). There is a little paper work that you have to fill out prior; but nothing too crazy. I was updated via email as to when the old boots had been received/processed and then another notification was sent to me when the new boots where shipped along with their ETA.


TJ21: A New Pair of Shoes!

TJ21 A New Pair of Shoes 1 I went shopping the other day and ended up going to TOD’S. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything which I guess is the time you always end up finding something.. lol TJ21 A New Pair of Shoes 1 I found these black suede shoes. I liked the way they looked and I liked that they are lined with sheep shearling to keep me all toasty warm during the colder months! 😀  Plus they are pretty darn comfortable.

TJ21: My Closet – Bar |||

TJ21 MC Bar 3I tend to travel a little bit.. *nervous laughter*.. ok I tend to travel a lot.. but what’s cool about traveling from a “style perspective” is that you are exposed to brands and trends that you would probably never get to see if you never left your hometown. I really enjoy discovering new labels and getting inspired by “street style.”

 The Bar III label is owned by Macy’s. From my experience.. the majority of department store owned brands that design for a male demographic (regardless of price point) tend to design very generic pieces that are what I would describe as “meh.” What I like about Bar III  is that it seems to take inspiration from various organic trends. I honestly haven’t had a chance to fully discover the entire collection.. but from what I saw they had pieces that were just noticeably different.. in a good way.  Kind of like this pullover 😀  It has the raw cut “v” in the neck and then the drawstring detail which you would normally only find on the hood of a hoodie.  The icing on the cake.. was that I only paid around $8 (€6) for this pullover!!  You got to love the end of season sales. 😀

TJ21: A Package! – Allsaints Spitalfields

TJ21 1 It finally arrived!! TJ21 2 For a while I’ve wanted a fair isle sweater.. and when I saw this one at Allsaints it fit the bill. I liked the design and the simplicity of the colors.  I was a fan of the zipper closure; which made it a little bit different. It’s 100% wool so it’s a little itchy if I just have a short sleeved t-shirt under it, but It’s extremely warm.    TJ21 3 TJ21 0 Now to try it on 😀TJ21 5ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS

What’s In My Closet: Bench – Jacket (Review)

I think that Bench does a great job with designing their jackets. I like that there are two zippers in the front.. I usually go for the “asymmetrical look” and unzip the first zipper (as seen in the above photo). The jacket itself is quite breathable and I actually wear this mostly when I head to the gym. It also has thumb holes which I’m pretty fond of. 😀