Don’t Be That Guy: Gym Etiquette

 Like anywhere else in life.. there is a level of appropriateness that needs to be maintained; whether you’re going to an opera or working out at the gym. I have seen too many guys (especially in college) wear some of the most inappropriate things to work out in. Here are some cardinal rules when it comes to workout etiquette.

Rule #1: No Short Shorts

You may pride yourself on having great legs.. I’m A. not going to ask.. and B. I’m going to need  you, on behalf of everyone else at the gym to cover those stems up.. Very much appreciated haha.. K thanks..

Rule #2: Deodorant Use

Yes, the answer is yes. PLEASE apply deodorant on before each time you go to workout..

If you don’t pass the “bro-inspection” you need to find a stronger working deodorant..

 There are tons of options out on the market; from organic hippy products to designer deodorants. Also for those of you who are prone to sweat a ton.. there are antiperspirants you can look into as well. Whatever the case may be you are bound to find something that caters to your lifestyle.

As an example.. pictured above is a scentless, hypoallergenic, all natural deodorant rock.. So for those of you who use the excuse that you are a hippy and you don’t like harsh chemicals.. here is the granola solution for you! lol

– ALSO –

Just as important as wearing a deodorant while working out.. make sure that if your deodorant has a fragrance.. it isn’t offensive.. What I mean by offensive… a deodorant that has a super strong fragrance due to over application (on your part) or by nature.. that may cause the person next to you to either become nauseous  or have an allergic reaction.. yeah that would be quite bad.. An alternative to ensure that you won’t injure your workout neighbor.. thus resulting in a law suit..  would be to find a deodorant that is scentless.

– Finally – 

If you tend to be a little absent minded.. I would recommend that you carry a travel sized deodorant stick/spray/gel in your workout bag. Just so you always have deodorant on hand (in case you forget to apply your deodorant before you go to the gym or you are too manly and need to apply more..)

Rule #3: The Proper Gym Shorts

I’m a touch more forgiving when older gents wear jersey knit shorts to the gym.. however I’ve seen college kids wear these and I don’t understand why.. Whether you’re young or old you should NOT be wearing these shorts to the gym or out in public. A couple reasons why you should burn your jersey knit shorts asap..

A. They are not flattering..

B. When you sweat.. People can see where you’ve sweated.. and how much you sweated.. plus when wet.. the fabric gets clingy.. enough said..

C. Yes, they are made out of cotton.. which makes them breathable.. but they don’t wick away sweat.. instead they absorb sweat.. and they stay wet for extended periods of time.. Not very comfortable if you ask me..

White shorts.. I understand they can be classy.. but did we learn nothing from Christiano Ronaldo… While these shorts are decently long, are engineered for a professional sport, and even have pockets…

A. They are 80% transparent…

B. You can see right through them..

C. They are sheer!! and now my eyes hurt..

The ONLY way you should be allowed to wear white shorts is if the fabric is thick/reinforced, the fit of the shorts is not tight/clingy (especially if the shorts have spandex/are more form fitting), and your not planning on getting wet.. moving on..

I understand that for certain sports.. like cycling, wrestling, rowing, swimming, etc.. for the price of superior athletic performance you have to wear things that are a bit revealing and tight.. however.. I don’t see this as being the case for when you are at the gym.. Sure if your shorts are slightly above the knee you may want to consider wearing a pair of lycra shorts underneath. I don’t however find it appropriate to just wear lycra/spandex shorts on their own at the gym… for obvious reasons… moving on..

Rule # 4: Proper Footwear

When you are at the gym.. why would you were boots.. or open toe sandals? WHY??!! I’ve seen this.. a lot.. and it blows my mind..

A. Gyms need to enforce their dress codes..

B. Flip flops and other open toe sandals are meant for the beach not a gym.. open toe in a gym means your feet are not well protected..

C. Boots were designed for hiking, construction, and other outdoor activities not the gym..

D. Which should be A. there are athletic shoes on the market that will help you perform better thus harnessing better results and also aid in helping you avoid injuries along the way. Where’s bad?!


As an adult/emerging adult you should Be appropriate for every activity of your life.. you wouldn’t wear a snowsuit to Venice beach CA during the summer  and you wouldn’t wear only speedo to snowboard for winter vacation in the Alps..  unless your an immature 12 year old/you lost a bet.. or both.. lol The same goes for the gym.. there are clothes out on the market that have been designed/engineered specifically with you in mind to help your athletic performance.

Keep everything appropriate to your surroundings.. leave the spandex and short shorts for major sport competitions such as the olympics.. and leave the work boots and the wrangler denim for construction work.

And lastly be kind to your work out neighbors.. use deodorant.. you don’t have to smell bad to show off that you’ve been working hard.. lol

Just so we are clear here is an example of an appropriate work out ensemble.

Adidas Y-3 SS 2011

Yohji Yamamoto is the designer/visionary behind this label; which is put out by Adidas. It’s definitely Adidas’s luxury line and diffuses both urban and athletic elements to create their collection.

*true story*

I had work that brought me to Philadelphia and  of course I made my way to Philly’s main shopping streets; the nut streets (Walnut street and Chestnut Street) and South Street. I found my way to Joan Shepp which is a boutique on Walnut Street. Still I’m not used to people following me and fawning over my every request but.. when in Rome.. lol They had an attendant at my side (who was quite nice and very helpful) He showed me their collection of Y-3 Clothing which also happened to be on sale (always a fan). I decided you don’t know if you like something until you try it, so I tried on a track suit and a pair of jeans. I should mention that I’m really new to this whole world of fashion and I played football (“Soccer” in America lol) and I’ve always favored Adidas when it came to my training gear, cleats, shinguards you name it. This was the Adidas I love times a million. The track suit was ace due to the cut/fabric  as well as its classic black and white design. The jeans also  had a great cut but unfortunately they had  a sheen to them which really isn’t my thing but I guess it goes with the whole fad of waxed denim to look like leather look.

Here’s the URL to Y-3 and Joan Shepp’s online store.