TJ21: Back in The Showroom – ASOS F/W 2014

TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-1 ASOS

Fall is here and it’s time to layer/bundle up! And.. even though I’m bummed to see summer go.. I’m pretty stoked about fall! And let’s be honest I’m all about the pumpkin flavored beverages that come with this time of year! ūüėÄ

ASOS literally has the largest selection of menswear that I know of. Plus their prices won’t have you choosing between buying compromising your style or buying food/textbooks. #thestruggleisrealTJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-2The casual wear collection has a very vintage, collegiate, athletic¬†vibe to it. These pieces are incredibly easy to mix and match.¬†TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-3¬†ASOS has a collection of classic, tailored, office appropriate suits. However they also LOVE to incorporate the latest trends into their collections. So you’ll find matching bold prints that come in a set (ex. in a shirt, blazer, tie, and trouser combination). Also the jogger trend is huge and they’ve transposed it to suit pant trousers (which can be seen on the above, bottom left hand side photo) .¬†TJ21-ASOS-Fall-Winter-2014-4Last but not least we have a collection consisting of tweed pieces! Tweed is a great textile for the colder months and a great option for layering as well.


TJ21: ASOS – SS14 Collection


¬†I can’t over express the amount of creativity that is put into each ASOS collection. Usually the men’s section of a store is extremely limited.. ¬†ASOS on the other hand has the opposite problem.. their selection is overflowing. They are constantly updating their site and adding new pieces every week. From classic ¬†tailored wardrobe staples to hot trendy in the moment pieces.. the really have it all.

You also don’t have to worry about breaking the bank in order to update your wardrobe.. their prices are surprisingly reasonable. As you browse through the photos that I took while I attended the SS’14 presentation you’ll notice that the clothes look like they came from an extremely expensive high end designer.

My favorite part of the new collection has to be the tailored menswear. Not only are the colors/designs great. The fit is phenomenal.

TJ21+ASOS+ASOS+Spring+Summer+2014+3 TJ21+ASOS+ASOS+Spring+Summer+2014+2 TJ21+ASOS+ASOS+Spring+Summer+2014+4

TJ21: ASOS SS 2014 Collection – Shoes

TJ21 ASOS SS2014 Shoes 0¬†I was extremely stoked to attend the ASOS spring/summer 2014 presentation. What I love about ASOS is that their designers take their inspiration from trends that are happening globally. Having said that there is a wide variety of styles to choose from that range from your classic wardrobe staples to ¬†“in the moment” trends.

My favorite pair of shoes have to be the ones in the above photograph. I really like the overall design of the shoe! And I especially like the how they created the rubber camouflage sole!TJ21 ASOS SS2014 Shoes 1 TJ21 ASOS SS2014 Shoes 2 TJ21 ASOS SS2014 Shoes 3

TJ21: ASOS – Holiday Collection Review

TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection¬†I recently got to preview a selection of the ASOS 2013 Holiday Collection!! I love how ASOS never takes fashion all too seriously. ¬†I also really appreciate the fact that their clothes are very affordable or as I like to say perfect for the “college kid budget” lol.

Under the ASOS label there are two lines that specifically caught my attention; the “Black” label and the “Crafted In” label.¬†TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection 2


The “Black” label gives off an urban/athletic/edgy vibe. Although everything in the collection consists of being red and or black.. the styles within the line are pretty diverse. There are certain pieces that are very edgy which is perfect for a guy looking to stand out, and then there are other pieces in the collection that are just noticeably different that can blend in seamlessly with the average man’s wardrobe. I also liked the fact that when ASOS designed this collection they took into account that most men (when they aren’t on holiday lol) wear black.

TJ21 ASOS Holiday Collection 3 CRAFTED IN

I really love the idea behind the “Crafted In” line. Basically ASOS literally searched the globe to find regions that specialize in a certain craft. For exampled they have selvedge denim made in Japan, sweaters knit in the British Isles and suits made in Italy.

I have a strong affinity towards quality made products. I’m really stoked to see that various regions are being recognized/supported for their skills/trades. As I mentioned earlier ASOS does a great job with keeping their collections on the affordable side. While “Crafted In” is a touch more expensive than all of the other ASOS lines it’s still significantly cheaper than various other labels out on the market. Viewing the collection I really liked what I saw; however in the future I hope that ASOS develops this line further. I hope that they will keep adding more countries as well as more styles to choose from in the collection.

TJ21: My Trip To ASOS

TJ21 Trip To ASOS 1TJ21 Trip To ASOS 2I was graciously invited to come over to the ASOS showroom in NYC! I had a great time and I left with some amazing pieces from the ASOS collection! I can’t wait to create some new looks for TJ21 using these new items!! If you follow the blog you know that I generally do more casual looks.. but I’m about to step up my game and get my GQ on!! ūüėČ

ASOS: Lookbook – A/W 2013

ASOS AW13 Lookbook 2 ASOS AW13 Lookbook 1 ASOS AW13 Lookbook 3 ASOS fall and winter 2013 collection has arrived!!

ASOS does a really great job with incorporating the latest popular street style trends into their own designs. For those of you who aren’t familiar.. ASOS is one of the biggest online retailers. They carry various vendors from around the globe for both men and women. To be fair because they are a UK company they mostly have brands that are based in Europe.

ASOS also carries their own house label which takes its inspiration from leading trends from all over the world. The price point is much more on the affordable side especially when compared to some of the other labels that they carry on their site.

Now it’s no secret that in general I’m not the biggest fan of online shopping however ASOS offers free shipping and free returns (for most countries). So if something doesn’t end up working out.. you can ship it right back to them free of charge. ¬†From my own personal experience I have had to return things back to ASOS before and to date I’ve never had a problem.

Inspiration For The  ASOS A/W 2013 Collection:

Five cool trends from around the world play inspiration for this collection:
  • Union State
    • A Japanese approach to mixing modern street wear with classic Americana. Fresh, bright transitional colors combine easily with authentic vintage washes.
  • Monochrome Skate
    • A collection dedicated to slicker street wear boy who know their style. Grown-up skaters who are into minimal brands and graphic prints centered on black, white and color flashes.
  • Rockabilly
    • The classic American rockabilly trend is a mix of 50’s styling and rock biker embellishments that give this retro look a rebellious edge.
  • Reykjavik
    • A Nordic inspired trend composed of wintry mix of yarn knits, indigo shirts, vintage denim, oversized outerwear¬†and¬†melton¬†accessories.
  • Militia
    • An athletic take on the “Modern Military” theme featuring a minimal aesthetic with casual street looks and more formal tailoring.

To shop the new collection click here.