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Putting it together..

This past week much of America has been covered in snow. Here is a look to keep you warm and looking boss.

This jacket is lightweight, incredibly warm, and is black which matches with everything. This jacket is brought to you by The North Face company so of course guaranteed quality.

Not skin tight but not too baggy, this shirt from Cheap Monday allows you enough room to let your body breath but also does not make you look bigger than you actually are.

To be completely honest I don’t really appreciate True Religion denim like maybe the next person. I don’t like the majority of their cuts and I find the back pockets to be gaudy/obnoxiously over the top. Don’t get me wrong they use quality denim it’s just the typical styles/cuts of denim generally are not my style. These are literally the only pair of denim to date that I like/own from the label.

*True Story*

These jeans fit really well they are not skinny jeans they do flare out a little bit not 70’s bell bottom flare but enough to be able to have them fit over your shoes. I bought these a while ago and I put their quality to the test by taking them to go horse back riding. They passed and are one of my favorite pairs of denim.


Finish the look off with Canadian boot’s from Kamik.