On My Radar: Givenchy

TJ21-Givenchy-Pouch GIVENCHY

I thought this was kind of clever lol


TJ21: Unboxing – Givenchy

TJ21-Givenchy-High-Tops-1 I recently bought the Givenchy Tyson high top sneakers from Barney’s New York department store. As you can see they come in a plain white box with “Givenchy” written on the box lid.

TJ21-Givenchy-High-Tops-2I really like how Givenchy packs their shoes. Typically speaking most designer labels include one or two dust bags for the shoes however usually the dust bag(s) comes folded on top of the shoes in the box. Givenchy actually places the shoes in the dust bag for an added layer of protection.

TJ21-Givenchy-High-Tops-3When you take the shoes out  of the box you’ll find that there is (for lack of a better term) a certificate of authenticity. TJ21-Givenchy-High-Tops-4 I know that every year Givenchy comes out with a couple new variations of the Tyson sneaker. These high tops are made in Italy and are made from 100% calf leather which is extremely soft to the the touch. I got mine in a size 42 which was literally a perfect fit for me. I would say that these sneakers do run true to size. The details on these shoes are seriously amazing and the craftsmanship is immaculate. On a comfort scale of 1-10 (10 being the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever walked in #imwalkingonsunshinestatus) I would give these shoes an 7.7. The only thing that I’m not wild about are the white soles.. just because I feel they would get dirty really fast.. but overall I’m extremely pleased with this purchase.