Derek Rose: Hipster Trunks – Review


Derek Rose is a proud English label that specializes in tailored nightwear, loungewear, and underwear. The brand dates all the way back to 1926 and remains steadfast in its founders, Derek Rose, and his father Lou Rose’s original vision; to create luxury garments that are immaculately crafted out of the finest materials possible.

I’ve heard so much about Derek Rose in the past.. that I figured that it was time to give them a try. I ended up getting a pair of their “Hipster Trunks.” TJ21-Derek-Rose-Hipster-Trunks-Review-Underwear-London-2.jpg

The packaging itself is nicely designed/put together.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the box has a magnetic closure which just upped the overall experience of unboxing the product. I just love little details that let me know that a brand has literally thought through everything.

TJ21-Derek-Rose-Hipster-Trunks-Review-Underwear-London-4.jpgOne of the most important things that I look for in clothing is the type of fabric used.

These trunks are constructed out of 92% Pima cotton and 8% Elastane. This tells me that the garment is going to stretch well due to the elastane and it’s going to be really soft and breathable because of the Pima cotton.

Pima cotton is grown in only a few select countries around the world and is in my opinion one of the softest types of cotton out on the market. If something is made out of Pima cotton that becomes a huge selling point for me.


One of the details that I really liked and found unique to Derek Rose was the way that the elastic band was sewn onto the trunks. If you look over the picture above, you will see that the band is literally sewn completely over the fabric. Thus solving the problem of having the elastic band pull on any body hair or having it uncomfortably dig into your skin. TJ21-Derek-Rose-Hipster-Trunks-Review-Underwear-London-6.jpg

Another impressive factor is that there really aren’t that many seams. As you can see the back is one solid sheet of fabric.TJ21-Derek-Rose-Hipster-Trunks-Review-Underwear-London-8.jpg

Another notable details is that Derek Rose’s initials are subtly embroidered onto the elastic band. TJ21-Derek-Rose-Hipster-Trunks-Review-Underwear-London-9.jpg

Just so you can get an idea of how they fit.. I’ve added a picture of a model wearing the same style of trunks just in an alternate print.

In Conclusion

Super soft, breathable, non bulky, stretch fabric gives you an enjoyable wearing experience.

Innovative waist band helps prevent any chances of the band digging into your skin and/or pulling any body hair throughout the day.

These trunks do however run on the pricier side of the spectrum and retail for £34.00 (USD $50.00). Not for nothing I do believe that you are paying for a well thought out product as opposed to simply paying for a name brand with a subpar product.


TJ21: rOunderBum – Review

TJ21 Rounderbum ReviewI really enjoy discovering new brands! So when Rounderbum contacted me about doing a product review for them I was pretty stoked!! Rounderbum as a brand specializes in making shapewear for both men and women. To be fair, at the moment they have more products available for men than for women.. which is a major shocker because usually it is the other way around. To be honest I’ve never really thought much about shapewear for men.. or shapewear in general..  So this was actually a very educational experience for me. lol

TJ21 Rounderbum Review 2 For those of you who are unfamiliar with shapewear products in general.. it’s basically undergarments that are designed to enhance your bodies appearance. For example (the picture above) the model is wearing a pair of Rounderbum trunks that are designed to enhance his backside. There are also other areas of the body that shapewear enhances such as undershirts which are strategically designed to hold in a bit of a gut.


Rounderbum sent me a pair of basic white boxer brief trunks. I will be reviewing the following three things:

  1. Packaging
  2. Product
  3. Price


TJ21 Rounderbum Review 3

I was pleasantly impressed when I received my pair of Rounderbum trunks. When my trunks came in the mail they came in a cardboard box and inside that box was a proper underwear box sealed in a plastic wrap. The box the underwear came in is really nice! It even has a magnetic closure (Very fancy lol). I liked the information (where the product was made, what the product is made out of etc.) that was put on the box; I found it to be pretty helpful.


TJ21 Rounderbum Review 4

  • Fabric made in Italy
  • 93% Cotton 7% Elastane
  • Product assembled in Mexico
  • Elastic band is about (+/-) 2 inches wide

I will say that one of the things that I had issues was choosing my size. The Rounderbum site at the moment doesn’t provide a size chart. Which may sound dumb.. lol but I know that in one brand/country I can be one size and in another brand/country I can be something extremely different. Plus it’s always hard to gage what size you’ll need when you can’t see the product in person. Fortunately the size I chose did in fact work out.

The elastic waist band is wider than a lot of other brands out on the market. I actually prefer the wider band to a thinner band. I think a lot of it for me has to do with the aesthetics versus any superior function. The band itself is quality and feels really comfortable against the skin.

The fabric used in the body of the boxer briefs is amazing! The fabric is breathable, and has four-way stretch which all contribute to a very comfortable pair of trunks.

 The fit of the trunks are really nice. I like that it sits lower on the waist. Overall what I did like about the Rounderbum website was that the pictures of the products are accurate. Basically what I saw online is exactly what I got in person.


Their prices range  from  around $16 to $70 (USD). However the majority of their merch falls into  the $20 to $25 range; which I would say is pretty fair when it comes to designer underwear. I personally think that it’s worth it just because the quality is there and if you are looking for a little enhancement without the surgery or a temporary fix before hitting the gym.. Rounderbum is indeed a decent option. Below you’ll find a link to their site:


My Closet/Review: TOD’S – J.P Loafer

For those of you who are not familiar.. TOD’s is an Italian company that specializes in leather goods and is most famous/noted for their driver shoes.

For the longest time I’ve been interested in getting a pair of drivers from TOD’s.. however  a few years ago I went into a TOD’s showroom and tried on a few pair.. and I really didn’t think that they were as comfortable as everyone said that they were.. Now fast forward to the beginning of this summer I was back in NYC and I had a meeting in the Trump Towers (On 5th Ave) and as I’m walking back to catch the metro (Near Bryant Park)  I passed by the Saks Fifth Avenue and noticed they were having their summer sale. I went to the men’s shoe department and I found these bad boys. They were on sale and they were the last pair of this style. I tried them on and they felt pretty good in the store (definitely better than my previous experience). I still wasn’t sure how they would hold up in real life. I used the the art of rationalization for this purchase:

  1. They are on SALE 😀
  2. You live once
  3. You don’t have anything like them
  4. It’ll make a good review post 😉

I’ve been wearing them for a good month now and I can honestly say they are incredibly comfortable to walk in. They are especially nice for the summer time because they aren’t meant to be worn with socks so it’s a nice alternative to the boating shoe. Something I guess not a lot of people know about this type of a driving shoe is that when the rubber treads on the bottom of the shoe get worn down over time; you can actually take them to a shoe tailor and get them replaced.

If you’re in the market for a summer shoe that isn’t a flip flop or a boat shoe I would definitely recommend a driver shoe. I know TOD’s is on the more expensive side but there are a lot of great options that are easier on the wallet. A couple venders that come to mind are Sperry, and ALDO.