Get Inspired: David Gandy

David Gandy, our favorite top male super model’s sense of style is in sync with how most guys would like to appear and that is summed up in one word “effortless.”

Today I bring you the blazer, cotton t, and scarf combo. Now I know what your thinking.. this seems complicated. However if you break it down it’s not that bad.

Step 1: Find a great fitting blazer

See not so bad, one down and two to go. This blazer can be found at Zara.

Zara Blazer

Step 2: find a cotton shirt

Try to find something that has a nod to a v-neck or a scoop neck, it just tends to be more flattering. Gandy looks like he’s wearing a tank under his blazer; this is just another option. You can find this G-Star Shirt from

G-Star Correct Line Charley Grandad T

Step 3: Find a scarf.

This is a cotton and silk blended scarf designed by John Varvatos. You can find this scarf at:

Barneys New York

Polka Dot Scarf

*Keep in mind I choose more casual fabrics which make an outfit look more dressed down. If you want a more polished look take reference from Gandy’s outfit and look for fancier fabrics.*