My Picks: Graphic T’s – Farfetch


(Dear Balmain, Although I like your shirt design.. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all t-shirt”… especially not for $376 a pop.. Sincerely, TJ 21)DOLCE & GABBANALIBERTINE


My Picks: Bloomingdale’s – Tops











Wet Cement

There is a lot of thought put into the philosophy behind this brand. They use the illustration of “wet cement” to symbolize our lives. Just as wet cement is pliable and moldable so are our decisions. Once our decisions are made they harden like cement into consequences (whether those be good or bad) laying out the foundation for our future.  Here is the URL to their site:

Pictured above is the selection you’ll fine at Neiman Marcus’s Online store.

Wet Cement At Neiman Marcus

Putting it together..

This past week much of America has been covered in snow. Here is a look to keep you warm and looking boss.

This jacket is lightweight, incredibly warm, and is black which matches with everything. This jacket is brought to you by The North Face company so of course guaranteed quality.

Not skin tight but not too baggy, this shirt from Cheap Monday allows you enough room to let your body breath but also does not make you look bigger than you actually are.

To be completely honest I don’t really appreciate True Religion denim like maybe the next person. I don’t like the majority of their cuts and I find the back pockets to be gaudy/obnoxiously over the top. Don’t get me wrong they use quality denim it’s just the typical styles/cuts of denim generally are not my style. These are literally the only pair of denim to date that I like/own from the label.

*True Story*

These jeans fit really well they are not skinny jeans they do flare out a little bit not 70’s bell bottom flare but enough to be able to have them fit over your shoes. I bought these a while ago and I put their quality to the test by taking them to go horse back riding. They passed and are one of my favorite pairs of denim.


Finish the look off with Canadian boot’s from Kamik.

Putting it together..

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is put an outfit together. I know that sometimes It can be overwhelming with all the options out there and the last thing you want to look like is your trying too hard or worse a clone. Notice the above look is only 4 pieces, not complicated, and most important you look pulled together. I’m pretty visual when it comes to seeing separate items and then putting them together in my mind.. I hope this helps enlighten/break down the whole style/putting it together process.


This Jacket is:

a. Warm

b. Classic (timeless)

c. Fitted

d. which should be a. it’s on sale..

You can’t just buy any white t-shirt… Well you can but keep in mind they are not all created equal. This white t from LNA is lightweight, extremely  comfortable, and gives you style without looking like you tried really really really hard.. lol


The Diesel label has some immaculately cut  jeans that are some of the best crafted denim in the business. From the weave of the actual denim to the cut all are done extremely well.

*true story*

I was hanging out at the Jersey Shore (don’t judge me) and I did a little shopping since Jersey has no sales tax on clothing *Aces*. I’ve gotten used to some of the European brands that have added a little stretch to their denim so that it moves well with your body. The denim at the Diesel store had little to none of this stretch effect so I was a little hesitant to purchase any denim. My friend convinced me to try on a pair or.. 5.. but really whose counting… so I did, I ended up buying a pair and I liked them at the time.. but honestly now I love them. They have become my go-to jean. I’m pretty eclectic in my activities and they have served me well from horse back riding to my jet-setting.

*for the more fitted cuts of denim they say to go a little snug (not cut off circulation can’t button need crisco to get in tight) because their denim tends to stretch out maybe a half inch to an inch.

I’ve come to the point where I’m pretty picky about shoes. Obviously I want them to look good but because I travel a lot and walk a ton I need them to keep up with me.

*true story*

I purchased my first pair of Fred Perry shoes when I was back in Denmark and of course it was due to peer pressure.. Of course they had a really great look to them but I didn’t know how well they would take to my abuse. They were surprisingly great. (mind you Europe has cobble stone roads and what not) and they have held up since and I’m a fan.