My Picks: Nordstrom – Jackets


What I don’t like about a lot of leather jackets I come across is the fact that fit tends to be off. Either they aren’t fitted enough or the proportions are completely not right. The brilliant part about this jacket  from 7 Diamonds is that it really is quite flattering. A good way to tell if a jacket is going to be more fitted is by counting the seams. The more seams you find the more fitted the article of clothing tends to be; which is definitely the case with this jacket.


I really love the fact that this jacket is laid back, practical (multiple pockets and warm), and still looks like you have a sense of style.

Quite like wearing white sneakers I think that white jackets are awesome and are an ace look… If you can get past  the fact that they are high maintenance as well as you really have to be careful of when/where you where them..



Leave it to Diesel to give a new spin on an old classic.


Bench is my newest muse.. I’ve just accrued a couple of their jackets this season.. I’ll definitely be posting more about this UK company in the future. Words that sum up what I like about this brand are the following: brilliant cut/fit, innovative, sporty, and youthful.


I like this modern take on an old favorite. I don’t necessarily see this style working for everyone.. but nevertheless I’m a fan.


I don’t always gravitate towards G-Star because they tend to have styles which are loud and that have their name plastered all over the place.. which isn’t really my style. I must say though I really like this jacket. It’s a nice color, the fit looks great, I like the attention to detail, and I don’t mind the G-Star logo on the front.


I really like this p-coat the only thing that I would change would be the front pockets. Other than that I’m a major fan. One of my favorite details on this jacket would be the positioning of the buttons.

To see all of Nordstrom’s outerwear selection I’ll leave the link below:


Casual Friday: Joe Jonas “Fitted Cargo Pants”

Fitted cargo pants are becoming a huge trend for guys. A lot of male celebs have been sporting this fad including Joe Jonas who has been seen in them once or twice.. lol and to be honest I actually am a fan. I picked up a pair not too long ago when I was in Philly. They are nice because they are practical and they don’t look bad.. like the oversized ones from the 90’s.. lol

Step 1: T-shirt

You can pair your fitted cargo pants with pretty much anything: button down oxfords, t’s, polos, etc. To keep it really simple/casual I choose a t-shirt. This shirt is from the Superdry SS 2011 collection.


Step 2: Fitted Cargo Pants

A lot of stores are carrying their version of the “fitted cargo pant.” I really like the color of this specific pair it’s a nice change from the usual military green or khaki that cargo pants usually comes in. These cargos are from Scotch and Soda.


Step 3: Shoes

I am a major fan of these North Face flip-flops. I own these in brown and they are hella comfortable.



If you don’t like flip flops or this is a bit too “American” casual for your liking here are a pair of moccasin drivers from Zara..



If you want a younger all American option in the form of a high top.. lol.. these are perfect!


Add some aviators and your ready to break some hearts… lol

Putting it together..

This past week much of America has been covered in snow. Here is a look to keep you warm and looking boss.

This jacket is lightweight, incredibly warm, and is black which matches with everything. This jacket is brought to you by The North Face company so of course guaranteed quality.

Not skin tight but not too baggy, this shirt from Cheap Monday allows you enough room to let your body breath but also does not make you look bigger than you actually are.

To be completely honest I don’t really appreciate True Religion denim like maybe the next person. I don’t like the majority of their cuts and I find the back pockets to be gaudy/obnoxiously over the top. Don’t get me wrong they use quality denim it’s just the typical styles/cuts of denim generally are not my style. These are literally the only pair of denim to date that I like/own from the label.

*True Story*

These jeans fit really well they are not skinny jeans they do flare out a little bit not 70’s bell bottom flare but enough to be able to have them fit over your shoes. I bought these a while ago and I put their quality to the test by taking them to go horse back riding. They passed and are one of my favorite pairs of denim.


Finish the look off with Canadian boot’s from Kamik.

Your Guide to Boots

Here is a quick mini-guide to guy boots.

The North Face is a classic Brand for tackling the great outdoors. I’m not sure these boots in particular were meant for winter but they can definitely be used for hiking trails in the fall.

Sorel boots are pretty legit when it comes to helping you weather the elements of winter. They are actually quite nice to help keep your feet warm when your out shoveling the driveway.

Canadians are immaculate when it comes to quality and Kamik Canada and  their line of winter boots are no exception.

UGG Australia

As the story goes these “classic short” styled boots where used by surfers to warm their feet after a long day of surf.

*True Story*

I love to swim and I love to surf. After swimming, or surfing you know when the weather gets a little colder and your tired but relaxed these boots really are the best.

Hunter is famous for their Welly Boots.

Take Hunter and fuse it with Kamik you get Epic.